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Bill Koenig: Middle East Update

Bill Koenig is the best of the best when it comes to following the White House from a Christian perspective. He was on Prophecy watchers this week and gives an informative update on the Middle East. If you haven't seen him before you are in for a treat, he brings insights you often can't find from anywhere else...

Here is the video (12 Minutes):

Also, you have heard me mention the Miracle of Israel DVD before... well Justin made me aware that there is a special on that DVD today and you can get it for on $4.95...  If you see this in time I suggest you get it!  Its well worth it at full price ($20) and impossible to pass up for $5!


Maranatha Morning and more!

Paul and Samantha have been hard at work creating a new channel to encourage, comfort and edify  their fellow watchfolk (1 Cor 14:3 KJV). They created the pilot show last week and I have yet to share it on here. If you haven't seen it yet I encourage you to check it out and subscribe as this work is such an encouragement. Paul is in the process of moving so once he gets to Florida then they will be doing the shows on a regular basis. Again, I must say that I absolutely loved the format and especially the uplifting nature! In the meantime Samanatha is still doing updates on her channel and did great one on Syria below. I find these channels a breath of fresh air, filled with blessings and hope.... maybe its because they have such a great focus on THE Blessed Hope!

Here is the Pilot (29 minutes):

Here is the update on Syria that Sam did recently (9 minutes):

Syrian War Updates and Links

1. Our sisters over at But That's Just Me have an informative blog post going with tons of news and links regarding the situation over in Syria. I so appreciate this as it saves us all so much work and time. They have TONS of links and videos there and seem to be adding more daily.
Here is the link:
and this one too:
Syrian War Live Updates! - But Thats Just Me

2. Gary at Unsealed also has a live update post going on that is worth checking out as well keeping us updated on Syria and the rumors of war escalating by the hour....
Here is the link for that:
Syrian War Live Updates

3.Todd Hampson has also been very active lately and has a post focusing on Syria as well.
Mid-East Prophecy Update Round-Up

4. A second link by Todd is worth checking out as well... an interview with JD Farag! 
Check that out here:
An Interview with J.D. Farag, Part 1

Here is the video (25 min):

5. Sean at Eschatology Toda…

JD Farag - XL Prophecy Update

In an unusual move, Pastor JD was moved to shelf his normally scheduled sermon this week and replace it with a extra-large Prophecy Update. As always, JD does an excellent job making biblical sense of all the developments happening in the Middle East and provides plenty of comfort and encouragement in the process. With the extra time he included a great summary of how he believes the end times events will unfold up to the point of the Rapture and afterwards. Please take the time to watch this important update... (74 minutes)

JD talks about the recent Chemical Weapons attack in this update of course, but for another great explanation  along with some other updates check out what Gary wrote on Unsealed.
BREAKING: Chemical Attack Leaves 78 Dead, Scores Injured Near Damascus

Unravelations - This Is Big

Below is a link to a fairly short but action packed article that I found quite interesting. It was shared online in a Rev12 group and I believe it is worth some investigation from you guys.  One of his big points here is that if the model from Hosea 6:2 holds, we can expect the church age to be around 2,000 years long.  We are used to using day counts of 360 or 365 in these types of calculations, but you may remember that it was recently discovered how a portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls actually describes a 364 day calendar that was in use by certain Jews.  Here is the link for that: Newly Deciphered Dead Sea Scroll Reveals 364-Day Calendar
My first thought when I heard this was, "Why are you revealing this now, Lord?" As I pondered that, one obvious answer would be that the 364 day calendar could be the key that unlocks all these day counts people are putting together.

Maybe it is... and using that key bit of information the fellow on the site below makes a solid case as to …

Rapture: TBD? - Greg Lauer

In his latest post, Greg Lauer navigates the turbulent waters between believers who have no watch, and others who some might say have too many watch dates,  Since Revelation was written nearly 2,000 years ago many people have been thrown off by passages like Rev 22:12 which seem to imply that Jesus would be coming quickly at the time of the writing.  Some people might read that and since He hasn't come yet shrug their shoulders and not watch at all.  At the other end of the spectrum, some believers seemingly bounce from high watch date to high watch date looking for the next great connection or pattern.  While I believe it is a 100 times more biblical to watch intently with your God-given skills and abilities than to not watch at all (which is sadly where most of the church seems to be at this point), I appreciate Greg exploring this subject as it is so relevant to us watchers existing here at the end of the Church age. 

Lastly, I just want to say that I believe God is using eve…

Prophecy Alert - Zeus Mossbender

If you have not watched the latest Prophecy Alert by Paul over at the Zeus Mossbender channel I encourage you to check it out.  In it he gives a spectacular summary of the many signs in the heavens we have seen since 2013 or so and relates it to the exceptional unity that has existed in the watchman community... well until recently that is.  Paul's hypothesis as to why this recent discord has happened is that starting in October of 2017 we entered into time in which we no longer had a big sign to look forward to.  We look forward to the Blood Moons and Rev 12 Sign for so many years...and now there doesn't seem to be anything specific for us to rally around.  According to Paul, this void had created and opening for discord and doctrinal differences to rise to the surface.  I think he might be onto something.  Watch this 30 minute video and share your thoughts below.  Have a blessed Easter everyone, Maranatha!!

Fear Not Little Flock...

Can you believe we are now over 6 months away from the Revelation 12 Sign?  This site has now existed longer since the sign than it actually did leading up to it.  While at times I feel like calling out... "How much longer Lord?!" other times I am more settled and rest assured that He has us perfectly on schedule.   I still do get anxious at times... Like a sheep I am prone to wanderings and worry. Like a little lamb I don't realize just how dependent I am on my Master.  But here on this site I feel like I am surrounded by a whole flock of lambs... going through the same range of emotions day in day out.  For that I am so so so SO thankful.

So with Passover nearly here and with the above thoughts on my mind I want to share a video that has been such blessing to me over the last few years.  In it John Piper wonderfully breaks down Luke 12:32, a short but deep and comforting verse in the Bible that has comforted and encouraged me time and time again. This video is just 9 …

Rapture Theories - Robert Breaker

Robert Breaker takes a walk down memory lane with this video and describes why he thinks this May is such an interesting time for a potential rapture. I thought this video was fascinating and I am sure you will as well. He touches on the Rev12 Sign again along with many other biblical topics which seem to point to the nearness of the Blessed Hope. Please watch and share your thoughts! Where you watching during all these years, or did the convergence of events since 2015 wake you up to the lateness of the hour like me?

Here is the video: (56 Minutes)

How Much Longer, Lord? - Pete Garcia

Pete Garcia from the Omega Letter is out with another excellent article expressing what so many of us are wondering... With all the signs around us, how much longer until you actually come, Lord? The Revelation 12 Sign was so amazing, so precise, and opened up so many scriptures, it was hard not envision some huge event happening on or near the time the sign appeared in the sky. We didn't even know if we would make it too the date of the sign for a while there, and now we are practically 6 months past it! Anyway, I thought Pete's article was very relatable and I agree that God is in total control and in the end we can and must trust Him with the timing. Thanks Annabel for sharing!
Here is an excerpt and the link:
How much longer will this current world-gone-mad continue? It feels like we are at the end, but then days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months into years. But why then does last week, feel like last year? Why does last year, feel like last centur…

Scott Clarke Explains The Rapture!

Scott Clarke put out a new teaching on the rapture this week and I finally had a chance to watch it. I thought it was excellent and think this is one of his clearest, most straightforward teachings to date. Beyond that, I think it is one of the more in-depth teachings on the rapture I have ever seen.  I loved the insights about how the dispensations are ended with resurrections!  Amazing.  You don't have to agree with him about imminence to get a TON of awesome information out of this teaching.

  Here is the video, I encourage everyone to check it out. (24 minutes).

Prophecy Potluck... Community Discussion

Hello all... you may not be familiar with the concept, but up where I'm from you have something called a pot luck. Basically its a gathering where instead of one person cooking everything, each person brings something. With that in mind, I am compiling a few things that Shelia and Jimboni and Alla have shared recently for this post. Perhaps you can add more below. I am in the midst of a abnormal season with my family/work life, so that is part of the reason for my lack of consistency lately... but I pray Jesus comes soon and solves everything for us! 

In the meantime here are some things to check out if you haven't seen them yet. (I also see that Scottie Clarke put up a new video today... I plan to watch that soon and share my thoughts on that as well....) Thanks for sticking with me, it is so encouraging to see all your interaction, I just pray we can hold together until that great day. God Bless you all!
From Jimboni:
G'day Family, in light of how far afield this …

15 Signs of His Imminent Return - Jan Markell

Hello all... If you haven't caught it yet, Jan Markell did a video laying out 15 signs she believes point to the fact that we are likely the generation that see's Christ return. As you probably know, she was unfortunately one of the voices opposing the Revelation 12 Sign, but I still believe she is a good prophecy teacher despite missing it on that huge one. Anyway, if she has 15 we all have at least 16 then and should be even more excited than she is!

Here is her list as well as the video.  Enjoy... As Jan likes to say...The King is Coming!
1. Calls for peace and security
2. Business as usual around the world
3. Mocking and scoffing
4. Rise of wickedness
5. Soaring strong delusion
6. Surge in mark of the beast technology
7. Third temple talk
8. Mideast activity and alignment
9. The longing for a leader
10. An unconventional pope
11. A world without borders
12. Counterfeit Christianity
13. Escalating birth pains
14. Persecution
15. Convergence

John Haller has also put up a …

It's Coming | Greg Lauer

Our brother Greg Lauer from A Little Strength released a new article this week dealing with what comes after the Rapture...mainly the Millennial Kingdom  As always, he dives into great detail on the subject at hand and provides plenty of support for his view...not the least of which is GOD'S PROMISES.  His breakdown of this coming time period/dispensation and all that it entails is one of the clearest explanations I have ever read.  The Bible gives us plenty of information about what happens in the future beyond Christ's Second Coming and I think Greg gives us a excellent overview in this article.   I highly recommend you read it when you get the chance. Thanks Greg for all you do brother. (I hope you don't drift away from us on this site.  We love you brother!)

Here is an excerpt:
The next major prophetic event on the agenda is the Rapture, which will end the Age of Grace by removing the Church from earth prior to the outpouring of God's judgment on the nations of the…

Could The Doors Of The Church Age Be Closing?

A few of you shared this video with me and I found it SOOO interesting. As you probably know, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher closed its doors a few days ago.  The church is a must see for any Christian who visits the Holy Land.  I find this news so symbolic, especially when you consider that Church age could also being drawing to a close since I believe we saw the sign from Micah 5:3 last September.  Could this news be the symbolic doors to the Ark closing on a world about to experience sudden destruction, a la 1 Thes 5:3?  John from the Watchman for that Great Day channel plays an interesting clip below describing this event and gives some insightful commentary on this development.  Here are also a couple links to newspaper articles below along with a relevant bible verse....  Be blessed my dear brothers and sisters.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre closes over municipality's tax demands…

Billy Graham Thoughts...

As you know Billy Graham has passed away and there has been plenty of coverage on various sites about the potential prophetic implications.  Could Billy represent a modern day Methuselah who passed just days before The Flood came?  Could the passing of this man who helped bring so many into The Church represent the soon end of the Church Age??  Could this passing and the numerous news stories and conversations be one last preaching of the Good News to the whole world???  Could there really be something to the dreams people had indicating that the Rapture would take place soon after his death?  Time will tell, but with all of the other signs we have seen it is hard not to take notice of the significance of this event and all it could entail.

Another thing that many of us have noticed was the division that the passig of this man (yes, he was just a man) has brought to the surface.  Many love him... and clearly some don't.  I for one am so thankful for this man who spent his life sha…

2 New Articles You Can't Miss!

Two articles came out yesterday that dovetail together beautifully that I encourage you to check out. The first one below was written by Jeff at Unsealed and takes a deep dive into further Old Testament support for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  Jeff specifically dives into Zeph 2:1-3 and shows how this little known passage makes powerful case for a soon coming rapture of the church.

The second article was written by Michael from Heavenly Perspectives looking at potential dates for our saviors ascension and why a rapture on one of those soon coming days could make sense.  Amazingly, these ascension dates falls right on or very near May 14th, which as you know is the anniversary of Israel's rebirth as a nation.

I thought both of these articles were extremely well done and filled with Scripture and hope you enjoy them as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our precious Savior.
1. Zephaniah 2:1–3: A Promising Pre-Trib Prophecy Hidden in Plain Sight…

The Beginning Of The End Might Just Look Like This...

Our sisters over at the But That's Just Me blog have put up a new post with lots of interesting links and videos. They have included 3 videos and 3 links pointing to the idea that we are at the beginning of the end.  Here is the link to their post and a list of their articles. They included lengthy excerpts with all the articles for your convenience. Check it out...

Here are the Videos they highlighted:
2018…The Beginning Of The End Might Just Look Like This “Prophecy Update: War between Israel and Syria?” February 14, 2018 Bible Prophecy Update: The Ultimate Convergence Happening Now!  Here are the Articles:
1. Did the War of Gog and Magog Begin on Saturday? 2. Tick Tock the prophetic clock by Bill Wilson (dailyjot) 3. BREAKING: Israeli Police Recommend Multiple Indictments Against Prime Minister Netanyahu

Indictments Against Prime Minister Netanyahu?

Earlier in the week there was much buzz created by a Israeli News Live video which claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu would resign on Monday.  It was later revealed that the information came from WH Insider Roger Stone who should have excellent sources.  As you know, the information was wrong, but now we have the following article below by Unsealed....  Can you imagine the upheaval in the Middle East if Netanyahu is replaced or forced out?  It seems like an opportune time for enemies of Israel to attack....  What do you guys think of this??  I have always been a big fan of his...but God raises up leaders and He can remove them as He wishes as well.

Here is Gary's update along with a video from Israeli News Live... 

Also, if you haven't caught it yet, Paul from Zeus Mossbender has new a Prophecy Alert video focusing on a wide range of Middle East topics. From what I have seen so far it looks extremely interesti…

Israel / Syria Updates from Amir

Listen to Amir describe the fallout from the shot down F-16 which he called 'the most significant incident since 2006' involving the Israeli Military. He believes the situation is escalating as we speak and Israel has already called all reserve soldiers back into service... leading him to say he is 'super excited' because this shows our 'redemption is drawing near'!

Here is the video (9 minutes):

Here is another longer video on the subject (Thanks Alla!):

Days, Damascus, & The Dow - Unsealed

Another concise but powerful article has been put up by compiling many of the factors that make 2018 look so promising for the return of our precious and perfect Savior. Prophecies are in the process of being fulfilled before our eyes (including the destruction of Damascus, see below). The long over due stock market crash may have started. The 70th anniversary of the rebirth of Israel is just a couple months away. Gary puts it all together for you here...  this is a great article to share with your lukewarm warm friends and family.

Fascinating Insights Into 1948 and the Bible

One of our readers shared a comment yesterday regarding Israel's Rebirth in 1948 and some interesting 'coincidences' regarding that number in the Bible.  I found the information fascinating and have posted it below to ensure it doesn't get missed.  Thank you for sharing Gods warrior!

Here is the comment in it's entirety:

Most everyone knows that the re-birth of Israel occurred in 1948 (May 14th); but the significance of this date/number goes beyond just one date or event. In this article I will show how this number/date is related to scripture, marks the start of the final countdown to the end of days and is much more fascinating and significant than just one event. Here are the facts --

1) The 19th book and the 48th chapter in the Bible (Psalm 48) describes the re-birth of Israel and Jerusalem. It's also interesting that this chapter (48) has 14 verses and the fact that the rebirth of Israel took place on May 14th.

2) Psalm is the 19th book of the Bible (counti…

Two Wings of an Eagle....

Gary put together a nice little post describing the recent sharp drops in the US stock market. As others have noted, I am fully expecting a major stock market collapse to occur in the near future, what I am unsure of is if it will happen prior to the rapture or not. Only time will tell whether this is a small correction or the beginning of a major change in the US leading to the collapse of the dollar and pave the way for the one-world currency.  We know that can't be far off since to the time-marker we received last September which indicates that we have entered into the timeframe of the events described in the book of revelation.

Here is a link to the article:

Gary also shares some interesting comments on the Super Bowl in his article.  Here are my thoughts...  The country is more divided than ever so it makes perfect sense that two symbols of America (Patriots and Eagles) would be going against on anot…

Prophetic Shift Into High Gear

Our brother Todd put out a 7 minute video earlier in the week that received a lot of buzz. In it he was pointing to this longer video he would be soon releasing. Well it has been released and I have been urged by someone I respect greatly to consider sharing it (Thanks for the nudge Ron). Check it out and share your thoughts below. Could this Blood Moon today be marking a prophetic shift as Todd describes? Are you as excited as he is?! Maranatha!

FYI:  I haven't been able to watch the whole thing yet and will try to share more of my thoughts once I get it completed.

Here is the video (58 minutes):

Blood Moon Updates From Gary and Daniel

Gary at just put up a new article breaking down the lunar eclipse this week and how it ties into all the things happening right now leading up to Israel's 70th anniversary of its rebirth. Its a great summary and shows so much evidence of God's handiwork on all the events spiraling around us. Here is an excerpt and a link.
Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20 tell us that the order of celestial events preceding the Day of the LORD will be a darkened sun, followed by a blood moon. If the Great American Eclipse was the darkened sun piece of the puzzle, perhaps this blood moon is the missing piece, which could mean the Day of the LORD begins soon, perhaps even this year. What makes this Super-Blue-Blood Moon even more amazing is that approximately two-thirds of the world's population will be able to see some or all of the total phase of the eclipse. Here is the link:

Daniel Matson also just released a…

Donald Trump Born During a Blood Moon - Paul Dawson

You can't make this stuff up... The information in this video is quite eye opening, but don't ask me what it means other than we have a very very VERY sovereign Father above.  With the Blood Moon Tetrad a few years ago, leading up to the Rev 12 Sign, leading up to this rare Super/Blood/Blue Moon on January 31st... its crazy to think that Donald Trump who now leads our country and is doing great things for Israel was also born the exact moment a Blood Moon rose over that special country so many years ago. God knows our steps before we take them, that's for sure.  I don't know what Trumps future holds, but it is hard to deny that God's hand is upon him and He is using him for his purposes during these highly prophetic days.

I must say, Paul Dawson did a fantastic job explaining this and also has a great word to share towards the end of this video about how his watch has been going.  Very encouraging and very relatable words, Paul.  Thank you brother! Come Lord Jesus…

UPDATED Revelation 12 Overview - Red Moon Rapture

Our beloved sister Stephanie from Red Moon Rapture has updated her awesome Revelation 12 Overview page. In it she goes verse through verse explaining how she believes that this amazing chapter explains the Tribulation from start to finish 3 separate times, from 3 separate perspectives/ vantage points. She see's it as a sweeping overview of God's redemptive plan... a time frame that we likely have already have entered since many of us recognized the sign of Verse 1 took place last September.

I cannot recommend Stephanie's work enough or thank her enough for her tireless work on this subject. Check out her work and please respectfully and gracefully share your thoughts below.

Here is an excerpt:
Verse 7 –Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back,
“Now” brings us to a different part of the vision, referencing back to the dragon of verse 3-4.  This seems to lend credence to the view that verses 1-6…

VP Pence's Speech in Israel

A well written article about Mike Pence's speech in Israel yesterday was put together by Frontpage (Vice President Pence's Eloquent Speech to Israel’s Parliament). I encourage you to check it out to see the Biblical tone Pence shared the Jews yesterday and the type of reaction it received from Israel's enemies (including a significant disruption at the beginning). It is amazing that we have a devout Christian man speaking these words to the Jews at a time such as this....How many years coming are these words...  think of all that had to happen to make this possible.  God is surely on the move!

I will also post a link to the full transcript below along with a video.

Here is an excerpt from his speech:
“The Jewish people held fast to a promise through all the ages, written so long ago, that even if you have been banished to the most distant land under the heavens, from there He would gather and bring you back to the land which your fathers possessed. Through a 2,000-year …

I Never Thought I'd See The Day - Jan Markell

Here is a short video that was put together using quotes from Jan Markells year end article. In it she reviews many of the developments in society and Bible Prophecy that point to the lateness of the hour. Things have deteriorated so much faster than she ever anticipated and if you listen to her at all you know she makes a strong emphasis on how things seem to be converging on this point of time. Jan was an outspoken skeptic of the Rev 12 Sign, but if she is convinced the end is so near without even considering that momentous event, how much more excited should we be since we recognized the Great Sign?

Here is the video (8 minutes):

Here is the text:

Dr. David Jeremiah had a sermon series some years ago with this title. Like me, he noticed aberrations in the culture and in the church and stated he just didn't think he would live to see them. 
I've come up with my own list as 2017 winds down. It has been an historic year to say the least. Things aren't falling apart, they …

The Chuck Missler / Kim Clement Connection

I watched a fascinating interview yesterday between Chuck Missler and Kim Clement. If you haven't heard of him, Kim Clement considered himself a modern prophetic voice up until he died last year. I was always weary of Clement... but others I respect held some of what he said in high regard. I never realized that Chuck Missler was one of these people.

In the first video you will see an interview between these two men who become friends in the past few years. Clement admits freely that he was way off on his eschatology for years and years, until the day he prayed that God would send him "the best" to teach him the truth about the end times. Shortly after that prayer God connected him with Chuck Missler. Watch what he has to say and listen to the story about how they got connected...

How does this connect with the Revelation 12 Sign you may ask? Well, if you are on YouTube much I am sure you have had a Trey Smith video pop up. Trey creates unique and stylized documen…

"Revelation Update" - Mark Correll

Mark Correll is an engaging prophecy teacher who was outspoken about the legitimacy of the Revelation 12 Sign. He gave many presentations and was even featured in "The Sign" documentary. He recently put out a video he called a Revelation Update feature new insights he believes helps us understand how the book of Revelation will unfold in light of recent events. He believes the advancement of certain technologies like AI likely have a huge role to play in the end times and reading passages with this in mind could unlock some of the mystery of the book. I encourage you to watch this video if you haven't yet and share your thoughts below. Thank you to the multiple people who shared this link with me.

Here is the video (1 hour 9 min):

Top 5 Things To Keep Your Eye On In 2018 - Todd Hampson

My prophecy buddy Todd Hampson has written a great post breaking down the top 5 things he is watching in 2018.  He believes that this year could be huge prophetically especially relating to the 70 year anniversary of the rebirth of Israel.  Todd is a very balanced teacher who is often shared by prominent ministries such a s Jan Markel.  Todd did not discount the Revelation 12 Sign and still believes it is/was significant which adds to his credibility in my opinion.  Please check out his list and let him know you stopped by in the comments section!  What would you add to this list?

#1 Creation’s Groaning
#2 The Three Amigos (Russia, Iran, Turkey Alliance)
#3 America
#4 Seventieth Anniversary of Israel’s Rebirth
#5 The World Community Fixated on Tiny Jerusalem

When it comes to discerning the times, we have been given a watch that serves as an indicator of where we are on God’s prophetic timeline. In this analogy we find that the world is the watch face, Israel is the hour hand, a…

Stars Falling to Earth | Parable of the Vineyard

Adam from Parable of the Vineyard has an interesting new video out about the Revelation 12 Sign and specifically about the verse 4 and the stars falling to the earth. Adam is waiting to see something fall to the earth in some type of apparent meteor shower that would then be followed afterwards by the Rapture of the Church. This is a very interesting idea and worthy of significant research since we know that the first part of Revelation 12 was fulfilled just a few months ago.  Adam has embedded a portion of Stacy CS into this video which is very interesting as well in which she believes the stars represent not meteors, but fallen angels. 
His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it. - Revelation 12:4 Here is Adam's Video: (23 Mintues)
Coincidentally, I saw this shared yesterday which was quite eye opening...
American Meteor S…

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.